Registered to vote? Check those details!

The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) of South Africa will be available at voting stations throughout South Africa this weekend to assist the public in checking their details on the voters’ roll. Remember to have your green bar-coded ID book or ID card with you. A temporary ID certificate will also be acceptable.

If you’ve not registered to vote in the past you will have the opportunity to do so on March 10 and 11. If you have moved to a different part of a city, district, province or the country, you will have to re-register at your new voting station.

Home Affairs will be open this weekend as well should you need to apply for a temporary ID certificate, which will be issued to you immediately after your successful application.

Access to the Internet? Follow this link to check or update your details online. You will be required to create a profile and log in before proceeding. Ensure you are registered within the ward you currently reside; this voting station map should be helpful.

It is imperative for eligible voters to ensure their details are accurately recorded with the IEC. Should your address be incorrect on, or missing from the voters’ roll, you will not be able to cast your vote in 2019.

The IEC recently launched a number of campaigns encouraging voters to register and ensure their details are up to date. However, the IEC said it is unable to confirm 3.5 million addresses that are incomplete. 2.8 million voters have yet to provide their addresses to the commission.

For more information on the voters’ roll in South Africa follow this link.

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