In this blog the writer and contributors explore the issues and challenges facing South Africa as a state and as a nation.  It is a blog, not an investigative media site, but all precautions are taken to prevent presenting disinformation or “fake news” as truth, which has become the scourge of the modern information era.

Most blog posts will include links within the content to well known media articles or other reliable sources pertaining to the subjects discussed.

All images are sourced from Wikimedia Commons or Flikr. Images are used only if they are labeled as ‘free to use or share’ under ‘user rights’. It is unlawful to use images that are not free to use or share; we intend to comply.

The blog’s content , in addition to South African political news, features international political events, and the promotion of organisations of ideologies and goals aligned to the idea that is the currently unofficial Egalitarian Party. These ideologies and goals include, but are not necessarily limited to: 

  • The creation of an egalitarian society in which all communities share equal rights and protection by the same laws;
  • The implementation and development of an ecologically sound state and an environmentally responsible society;
  • A positive approach to technology and the understanding that technology has enormous potential to improve the human condition and preserve our planet.

During these exciting times of digital and technological revolution, unfortunate ‘side-effects’ are introduced that effectively abuse the freedom of information or the press. The recent surge of online ‘Fake-News’ and ‘Alternative Facts’ phenomena comes to mind.

Fake News and so-called alternative facts (the latter being absurd as a fact can have no alternative) are more often than not politically motivated. Some fake news campaigns are actually operated and controlled by public relations companies. 

These mechanics of deceit are dangerous and every effort should be made to eliminate the spread of such bogus reports. As such the Egalitarian Soapbox will make every effort to avoid and/or expose fake news by referencing reputable media, government, or other official communications outlets.